• “Working with Daniel has led me to the unimaginable. Focusing on bodily sensation, rather than intellectual “heady” self-work, has given me the tools to receive immense clarity and a strengthened ability to create positive change in my life. The shifts have been enormous- every session I feel a weight being lifted from my body and mind and can see concrete differences in my life occurring. Daniel is a generous and deeply caring practitioner who really wants the best for his clients.” [Anonymous]
  • “Daniel is warm, empathetic and understanding.  He really makes me see things more clearly.  This work has helped me with my pain. I enjoy and look forward to our sessions!  I highly recommend him.”  – Erdem Stark, Musician
  • “Daniel is a conscientious and thoughtful facilitator. I’ve had wonderful realizations and very comfortable conversations after sessions, that help to stabilize my realizations.” – Lyn K., San Diego, CA
  • “I woke up with excruciating pain in my tooth due to a crack, and months later broke off completely. I contacted Daniel and he immediately did ancestral clearing for my tooth and within a few minutes the pain went from a 10/10 down to a 1/10. It was like magic! Daniel has a special gift and I highly recommend him to anyone with intense or chronic pain!” – Gaylene A, Calgary, AB
  • “So often what we think is holding us back or keeping us in place is an external factor, but in reality, it’s our resistance, fear or avoidance that’s the true underlying cause. Working with Daniel, I’ve been able to make progress in areas that have been stagnant for so long they felt unchangeable.  He shows incredible patience, while also being a tremendous wellspring of energy and clear vision. He’s helped me to focus my own vision and reach new levels of accomplishment and confidence.”~ Travis Smith, Hop Studios Web Development